Becklyn Webserver

The Becklyn Webserver allows you to make changes to your current bookings at the centre. You can:

  • Add or cancel a Permanent booking
  • Add or cancel a Casual booking
  • Enter Alternating bookings
  • Enter Vacation Care bookings


The timeframes for submitting booking changes via the online system are as follows:

Action Permanent Booking Casual Booking
Adding a booking A permanent booking can be added until 9am Friday for the following week.If you do not book before 9am Friday, you will need to make a casual booking for the first week, and a permanent booking thereafter.

A booking must exist for a minimum of 2 weeks for the booking to be considered permanent


Casual bookings can be made via the website until 12 noon the day before you require care.After this time, you will need to phone the Centre, and your booking will be subject to availability given staffing etc.
Cancelling a booking A permanent booking can be cancelled up to Friday 9am for the following week. If done before 9am Friday you will not be charged for the booking you are cancelling.If you no longer require your permanent booking for the current week, you must mark your child as “away” (please see below) for the current week and cancel from next week onwards. The system will not allow you to cancel a permanent booking in the current week.

A permanent booking must be cancelled for a period of at least 2 weeks.


Casual bookings which have been made but which are no longer required must be cancelled by 12 noon the day prior to the booking, otherwise you will be charged for the booking.After this time, you will need to phone the Centre and advise your child will not be attending, however the casual booking will be charged.
Advising of an absence You can notify us that your child will be absent from a permanent booking via the website. This must be done by 12 noon the day prior to the booking, otherwise phone the Centre.If your child is absent from a permanent booking i.e. they are sick, have a play date etc., you will be charged for the booking, as we are staffing assuming your child will be there.


To enter bookings:

  1. Login with your previously supplied username and password
  2. Click on “Parents Menu” and “Calendar Bookings”
  3. Select the Edit week icon next to the week you wish to book
  4. Click “Book” for the days of the week you wish to make a booking
  5. Click “SAVE AND EXIT”

Alternating Bookings

An alternating booking means that your child requires care each week, but the days may vary from week to week, due to work circumstances etc. This may also include families that require split care.

If you require an alternating permanent booking, please advise the Centre Director so they can enable access via the Booking Calendar, under the Parent Menu on the webserver.