Our Team

The Staff at Truscott St OOSH make up a young, highly motivated, enthusiastic and energetic team and each has so much to offer the Service.

Please find out more about our team from our display at the Centre or from the descriptions below.

The Team

Anna Velez – Director/ Nominated Supervisor

I have a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Educational Leadership in Early Childhood.  I have worked with children for over 10 years and am passionate about providing children and families with positive experiences at OOSH.  I also love working with my team to develop their skills, capacity and confidence working with children and families.

Erin McDermott – Assistant Director/Educational Leader

I am an early childhood and primary school teacher who loves providing children with fun activities to do at OOSH.  I enjoy developing meaningful relationships with the children, families and team members.  My favourite things to do with the children are science experiments, arts & crafts and cooking.

Ruby Grudzinskas – Senior Educator/Certified Supervisor

I am a nursing student and love playing with and setting up fun activities for the children at Truscott St.  I really enjoy working at OOSH as I love helping the children develop and learn new skills, and sharing fun experiences with them.

Arta Amini – Senior Educator/Certified Supervisor

I am currently studying Paramedicine at university.  I enjoy working with children, and hope that this working at OOSH will help further my career as a student paramedic as well as contributing to the children’s growth and development.

Brad Fiora – Educator/Certified Supervisor

I am a designer and architecture student who enjoys facilitating a large range of activities for the children.  I especially enjoy science or sports activities aiming to keep them physically active as well as curious.

Andrew Mackertich – Educator/Certified Supervisor

My name is Andrew and I love playing sport.  I always do my best to make OOSH a fun and safe environment for the kids.  I have lived in North Ryde my whole life and love being a part of this great community.  I am also an avid supporter of Manchester City.

Fariba Rashidi – Educator/Certified Supervisor

I have a Certificate III in Children’s Services and am working towards finishing my Certificate IV in School-Aged Care.  I have more than 10 years experience working in OOSH.  I enjoy doing craft and cooking activities with the children.

Alyssa Mackertich – Educator

I am currently studying to be an occupational therapist.  I’m passionate about play and making OOSH an inclusive environment for all children.  My favourite things to do with the kids are outdoor sports, imaginative play and craft.

Ashley Reyburn – Educator

I am an Early Childhood and Primary School Teacher who is passionate about creating an exciting space for children to learn and play.  My favourite things to do at OOSH is getting creative with craft activities and playing netball.

Ava Bradley – Educator

I am studying a Bachelor of Media at Macquarie University and I love to be outside with the children at OOSH playing all different kinds of sports.  I enjoy watching them develop their sporting abilities and always do my best to contribute my sporting knowledge to the children.  I love being at OOSH and being a part of their continuous learning.

 Belinda Liong – Educator

I am aiming to be a Primary School Teacher as I enjoy being around children.  Currently I am studying a double degree of Education and Psychology.  My favourite things to do with the children are arts/crafts, science experiments and participating in activities that involve children’s unique games and imagination.

Ben Smith – Educator

I am currently studying Media at Macquarie University and have a passion for sport and outdoor activities.  I love hanging out with the kids and ensuring they have a fun time at OOSH.  As a former Truscott St student I enjoy being able to connect with the children and engage them in their active learning.

Hamish Coy – Educator

I am studying a Bachelor in Education and Science which is preparing me for a career in high school science teaching.  I love caring for those less advantaged in society! I love helping out at a youth group on Friday nights and enjoy every kind of sport.  The summer and beach are also loves of mine.  I love Manchester United!

Jonathan Coy – Educator

I am about to complete my degree in Environmental Management. It is my passion to always be outdoors caring for and enjoying the natural world as well as sharing that passion with other people. I particularly love playing sports, especially football, as it allows people to express a side of passion and excitement.

Kim Gosper – Educator

I am a dance teacher and owner of a local dance school. My passion is helping children express their creativity, build skills and confidence. My favourite thing to do at OOSH is to encourage children to participate in performing arts as well as arts and crafts activities

Lyn Le – Educator

I am currently completing my early childhood and primary teaching degree. As an educator at Truscott Street OOSH, I have been provided with lots of valuable experiences for my future career. My passion is to assist children in expressing their creative sides and exploring the world around them through arts & crafts and science activities.

Emily Lewis – Educator

I am currently studying international relations and enjoy anything creative and playing sports such as touch football and AFL. At OOSH I love running around with the children as well as enhancing their curiosity and imagination through craft and DIY projects.